About Cambodian Intelligent Investors Organisation (CIIO)

Across all Cambodia, many citizens start life at a disadvantage simply because of who they are and where they come from. Some of them are suffer from preventable causes, face poverty, and hunger. We champion the rights and interests of these people. 

Our humble beginning starts in 2011. We’re a non-government organization established on 01st May 2011 by a group of private investors. We were registered at the Ministry of Interior of Cambodia through a letter of authorization the permits number 1183 issued on 05th September 2011. Our aim is to empower the local Cambodian through various project ranging from education, continuous donation, micro credit financing, etc.

”We Build Financial Freedom For The Community”

What We Do?

Investment Development Program


Under this program we provide:

1. Special tailored advices regarding on investment activities to our members.

2. Cultivating skills and other vocational programs.

3. Micro credit for start-up entrepreneur.

4. Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage).

Loss/profit Sharing Program

Under this program CIIO acts as a coordinator and organizer whose responsibilities are to build up trust among members and to receive and organize members’ capital contributions for Human Resource Developing Project. This program is still running, up until now this program consist of 277 members.

Human Resources Development Program

  • Offering scholarships to members or members’ children
  • Training: On the Job Training , Internship
  • Provide allowance to Islamic teachers
  • School construction
  • Publishing and promotion
  • Seminar
  • Meeting

Humanitarian Assistance Program


  • CIIO works to encourage and initiate all members to make contribution and participation in many charity activities such as below:
  • Donating funds to the Cambodian Red Cross activities.
  • Offering emergency aids to victims of flood, fire and other natural disasters.
  • Donating to orphans and other charitable activities.

Advertising Program

1. Tuk Tuk (a cart that attached to motorcycle) advertising

2. Social media promotion (we can promote your products/services through various popular social media platforms for bigger audience reach).

3. Video clip creation (we can produce high quality-engaging video promotion for your products/services).

4. Language translation services.

Health Related Products

1. Turmeric, Sunchoke & Honey Supplement

Turmeric and honey are highly regarded in ancient medicine due to their abilities to combat inflammation.

2. Post Pregnancy Kit

Suitable for mother who has underwent pregnancy, and needs to retain their health to the original state.

Beauty Related Product

We are selling a wide array of Neutrogena beauty care products, which originated from France.

Their products have been shown to minimize and prevent pimples and blackheads from your skin, particularly in T-zone.

Our Crowdfunding Permit

Our Mission

Inspired by our Islamic faith and guided by our values, CIIO envisage a caring world where communities are empowered, social obligations are fulfilled and people respond as one to the suffering of others.

CIIO has a strong commitment in carrying out programs in order to modernize each of its members’ quality of life through developing their families’ economy according to religious rules and country’s laws.

Our Vision

CIIO’s fundamental vision is to create a Cambodian society consisting of citizens with financial freedom and good cooperation for future development, a world in which elderly citizens and young people grow up with freedom and dignity in a loving, protective environment, experiencing fulfilled lives whatever their ability.

Bridging The Gap

We connect the environment, economy, and community in one circle to make Cambodia people sustainable.

One Day Program With Cambodia Orphans

A representative from Middle East Country visited our orphan house and donate some fund.


$2,134 Donated

Well Project Went Well

CIIO representative hanging a banner with local activist after the launching of the Well Project. The Well Project really went well. 


$7,100 Donated

Lost/Profit Sharing Program

We empower our local and foreign  investors through various lost/profit sharing program so they can give back to communities, once their profit skyrocketed.


$500 Donated

Investment Inner Circle Program

CIIO masterminds are having an intense discussions related to business investment.


$3,700 Donated